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Big Blockbusters With Embarrassing Movie Bloopers

Movies are a gateway to fantastic and unbelievable worlds. In order to do so, directors have to make sure everything is right. Most often, everything is excellent and the work of art is flawless. However, there are times where even the best directors miss something. Whether it be sheer chaos or a nasty deadline, something goes wrong. When things go wrong, hilarious bloopers ensue. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and laugh your jaws off with these amazing bloopers. Yes, everything on this list is real and you can see it for yourself.


You’re watching a movie about medieval Scottish warriors. Of course, you expect a lot of beards, swords and kilts. We aren’t historian but we can say with certainty that baseball caps weren’t high fashion then. Who is this man and how did he get here? A time traveler or a crew member?


Saving Private Ryan

Steven Spielberg is on the Mount Rushmore of movie directors. His ideas and his keenness for details made him the highest grossing director ever. In this scene, Captain Miller leans on a motorcycle when wounded. What’s wrong? Well, the bike is a model from 1962. The movie was set in 1944. Why, Steve?


Django Unchained

Who didn’t love Jamie Foxx in this masterpiece? A badass slave who seeks to be free from his master wreaks havoc in the wild, wild west. What’s wrong, you ask? Call us crazy, but we’re pretty sure that John Lennon style glasses didn’t exist back then. It’s Quentin Tarantino and he’s overdoing things again.



When Leonardo DiCaprio came to the stage of Titanic, ladies around the world went crazy. Rightfully so, but movie perfectionists also went bananas over this blooper. He mentioned trekking with his dad on Lake Wissota. The problem? That’s a manmade lake dug up in 1917. The Titanic sank in 1912. Time traveler Leo!


The Book of Eli

We loved this flick and the acting skills of Denzel Washington. He played the nomadic warrior, tasked to deliver the last existing Bible to a safe location. What’s wrong with the movie, then? Well, the Bible was in Braille writing. The Bible in braille is much bigger than one book. It would be more like 40. A small, but epic fail.


Back to the Future

One of the most legendary movies ever. It predicted advancements in technology so well. Every detail that was mentioned turned out to be true in the end. Well, not every detail was spotless? Remember the scene when Marty plays the guitar in the 1950s? Well, the issue is that the guitar came out 3 years after the movie is set. Otherwise, the move is spotless.


Lord of the Rings

Gandalf was a mighty wizard in the movie. He apparently had so many powers that he was able to travel to our world and buy a nice watch. Not many people noticed this detail, but if they did, they didn’t care. The movie amassed $3 billion in earning and won a modest 17 Oscars. Not too bad, right?


Panic Room

Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart try to escape a deranged Jared Leto. Jodie is cornered by Leto at one point and decided to light some propane up in order to escape. Thankfully, the propane rises to the ceiling and they stay safe. The problem? Propane is heavier than air and would stay on the ground. Physics always wins.



In a fictionalized work, the director treats us with a depiction of one of the most famous battles ever. 300 brave Spartans battle the enormous Persian army and Thermopylae. Although they lost, they were honored for their effort. The only issue is that there were somehow bombs and other weapons in the movie. Things like that didn’t exist for the next 1000 years.


Independence Day

In this movie about alien invaders exists a lot of details. Many of the world’s famous landmarks were getting sucked in by spaceships or destroyed. There was one suspect scene, concerning the Empire State Building. It doesn’t sit at the end of a long avenue, like we see it in the movie. Rookie mistake.


The Aviator

Leonardo DiCaprio always cares about details when preparing for a role. When portraying Howard Hughes, Leo imitated his tics, rituals and many other obsessions. In one scene, he asks an assistant to bring him exactly 10 chocolate chip cookies. No can do! Chocolate chip cookies were invented in 1938 and the movie is set in 1928.


Django Unchained

As much as Quentin Tarantino likes to overdo things, some of his antics are genius. This one is more like that than an actual blooper. Leonardo DiCaprio slams his hand in anger on a table and blood comes out. Not only is it real blood, but Tarantino didn’t yell cut. Leo kept saying his lines in one of the most memorable scenes ever.


American Sniper

Chris Kyle is a traumatized war veteran who fights against his demons and enemies at the same time. There was one scene where he cradles his baby. The problem with this scene is that it’s not a baby at all. It’s lifeless because it’s a doll. Clint Eastwood knows that it’s difficult to direct babies, so he opted for a dol. Yikes.


Rumble in the Bronx

Jackie Chan plays a young martial artist coming from China to his uncle’s store in the Bronx. Along the duration of the movie, he fights many dangerous gangs. There is one problem with his appearance, though. Jackie got injured at one point and he had to wear a cast. It’s somewhat visible under his jeans.



This extremely stressful movie was also like that during the filming process. Halle Berry and Robert Downey Jr. got caught up filming a fighting scene and Robert broke her arm. The movie had to be put on hold for two months because of that. Roberts says he regrets that accident to this day and suspects that Halle is still upset because of it.


The Lion King

Lion King has long been the suspect of some suspicious activity by the directors. Adult themes are thought to exist in the movie on purpose. One blooper is however, both funny and shocking at the same time. Nala, Simba’s companion sometimes has green eyes. In other scenes blue ones. What gives?



Mel Gibson again with the bloopers. This one is more subtle than an extra wearing a baseball hat. Throughout the movie, you can see English soldiers wearing uniforms. This was highly uncommon during that time. Only rich people and aristocrats wore uniforms or armor. In most cases, people wore whatever they had at the moment.


Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets

A movie with kids is bound to have blunders, errors, and bloopers. It’s a normal thing because nobody can be flawless at that age. Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets is a glaring example of this. What’s inexcusable is this – during a scene where Malfoy is on the ground, you can clearly see a cameraman in the crowd. Why, though?



It’s not easy making an action movie based on Homer’s Iliad. Wolfgang Petersen is a veteran when it comes to excellent action movies. Troy was another example of his brilliance, with Brad Pitt playing Achilles. Now, there is only one problem. During one scene, you can see an airplane fly through in the upper right corner. Yikes.


The Matrix

Any movie that involves mirrors and lots of reflective surfaces is tough to film. The Matrix is an example of that. Even though it’s always been lauded as one of the best movies of all time, it still has flaws. During a scene where Morpheus and Neo stare at a doorknob, a reflection of a camera is seen. It’s badly masked, too.


Pirates Of The Caribbean

Johnny Depp is one stylish pirate. A captain’s hat along with some dreadlocks and a goatee make a formidable outfit. This image shows one funny blooper. His hat is Adidas branded. Be how it may be, the movie was brilliant and it garnered Depp a lot of popularity. But we could have sworn that pirates preferred Nike.


Spy Kids

This movie was all kinds of legendary when it got out 16 years ago. A story where two kids find out that their parents are spies is always a fun one. However, as fun as it may be, it isn’t immune to bloopers. When Carla Cugino, the mother, is at the mirror, you can clearly see a cameraman. Something like this is a classic rookie mistake.



If you’re looking for the definition of a smash hit, Marvel’s Deadpool is the thing you’re looking for. It made 10 times the budget and is still as popular as ever. It’s filled with special effects and details, but blunders are there too. During one scene, Deadpool is defeated and falls into a dumpster. Then, his swords appear on his back out of nowhere. After that, they vanish again.


Jungle Book

The remake of the movie was a smash hit, making $1 billion. Because it wasn’t filmed on location, some computer animation had to be used to make the movie as precise as it can be. Animation can replicate real life in a perfect manner. The blooper here is that, during the entire movie, you never see rain bouncing off of Mowgli.


Star Wars

Stormtroopers are the cloned warriors of the Republic. They are goofy in most cases and can’t carry out the tasks given to them by the Dark Emperor. Well, even their goofiness has limits. In A New Hope, one stormtrooper is too eager to chase the droids, so he ends up smashing his head in a doorway. Well played, Mr. Lucas.



Russell Crowe got an Oscar for his role in the movie. It also contains one of the biggest bloopers in cinema history. During a chariot race in the Colosseum, there was something wrong with one of the chariots. It turned out to be powered by a gas canister. We get it that horsepower is important, but we didn’t know Romans cheated this much.


The Princess And The Frog

Animated movies are every movie perfectionist’s dream. Characters can wear the same outfit during the entire movie. You don’t have to pay special attention to blunders and bloopers. Well, The Princess And The Frog is an exception. Many have noticed a scene where Tiana loses her earring just by turning her head. Things like that shouldn’t happen.


Fast and the Furious 7

When you’re filming a movie with that much special effects, you’re bound to have a higher risk of bloopers. Avoiding this is very important. Directors were especially careful with the Fast and Furious 7. But, as always, something went wrong. When Shaw sent a bomb, the house beside it was left intact. Something like that is not possible.


Rain Man

This isn’t a blooper, it’s more of an unplanned addition to a scene. When Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise went into the phone booth, Dustin allegedly passed gas. This made Tom Cruise giggle a bit. Even though Dustin played the adult in the movie, his childish sense of humor has never left him.


Forrest Gump

iPhones are a staple of society nowadays and almost everyone has them. There was a scene in Forrest Gump, where Forrest sees his money invested in some sort of “fruit company”. It says Apple Computers on the paper. However, this just isn’t possible because Apple didn’t exist in 1975. They only went public in 1981.


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Sometimes, no matter how good a movie is, it can never come close to the book. This is evident in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallow. Sometimes, the director and the reader can imagine the work differently. In the movie, Harry’s mom has blue eyes, even though they are green in the books. In this part, they are even brown!


Dirty Dancing

A story about emotions and forbidden love is always entertaining. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey engage in a forbidden affair that was bound to happen. When they are in the car, you can notice a small blunder. Patrick is driving the car, but the vehicle is actually in parking gear. The director must have forgotten his morning coffee.


Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey played the role of Ron Woodroof masterfully. As he struggled to find the right medicine for AIDS, we take a look into his office. Filled with all sorts of things, it sure has a lot of details. However, there is one blooper. On the wall, there is a poster of a Lamborghini Aventador. It sure didn’t exist in 1985.


Lord Of The Rings & The Hobbit

Sometimes, it’s good to play the same character in a series. You are familiar with the outfits, the director and everything. In this case, we aren’t sure why this blooper even exists. Legolas had brown eyes in the Lord of the Rings, but in the Hobbit, he has blue ones. Is this wizardry or just Peter Jackson losing his mind over the years?


Pulp Fiction

Oh no, it is true. Even one of the best movies of all time is prone to all sorts of bloopers and silly mishaps. During the scene where John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson are being shot at, there is something wrong. When you see them shaking and holding the guns, the bullet holes are already in the wall. Thinking ahead, eh?


Cast Away

This is one of the hardest roles of Tom Hanks’ career. First, he had to gain weight and shave off his beard. During the filming of the movie, he had to lose the weight and not shave for weeks. In the scenes, he is able to survive off of items from FedEx cardboard boxes. This wouldn’t be possible, as cardboard isn’t waterproof and it can’t exist in water.


The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan is a director that is either hated or loved by his actors. Why, you ask? The reason for this is his incredible eye for details. It can drive some people mad and some others love him because of this. However, in the Dark Knight, he misspelled “heist” in a newspaper headline.



Obviously, this move is brilliant enough to be able to win so many awards, despite all the bloopers. This one isn’t a visual one, it’s more of a historical blunder. Russell Crowe plays a character called the Spaniard. This is cool, but the name simply doesn’t exist in ancient Rome. It was invented by a Frenchman, 1200 years later. Yeesh.


Pretty Woman

We’ve reached the Bible of all romantic comedies. It’s an adorable movie featuring Julia Roberts. The story is excellent and the acting is awesome. Then why is it on this list? Well, in one scene, you can see Julia eating a croissant. A few seconds later, there was a pancake on the plate. Culinary magic, we suppose.



Many movies about the iconic Marvel superhero were made. None of them is more beloved than the original one from 2002, with Toby Maguire. In one scene, he tries out his web shooting skills and breaks a lamp in the process. A few moments ago, the lamp is on the shelf, like nothing ever happened.


American Hustle

Even though it’s an excellent movie, there is a small blunder. The movie’s set in the 1970s, but Stoddard Thorsen literally wears the mistake on his. His Rolex was manufactured in 2010. Time traveling?


Dirty Dancing

There is always a problem with the past. People think that they are being creative and hip, but they often make anachronistic mistakes. Dirty Dancing is a good example. A movie set in the 1960s just can’t have 1980s jean shorts.


The Wedding Singer

Drew Barrymore is a moving blooper in this movie. It just doesn’t fit that she’s wearing a 1990s haircut in a movie about the 1980s.


My Girl

Vada has a mood ring in this movie. A cool little thing, but what’s wrong? They weren’t invented until 1975, but the movie is set in 1972. Bad move.



This Tom Cruise-starring reboot was a disaster. Not only on the box office, but elsewhere too. Especially when it comes to history. In ancient Egypt, a princess could never be a pharaoh. Oh boy.


Captain America: The First Avenger

Peggy Carter is another example where a hairdo may doom the movie in terms of bloopers. In WWII women had to have their hair off the collar on duty. Peggy has it shoulder length.


The Informant

Nike didn’t start making golf shoes until 1996. This goes against the image in the movie, where men wear Nike golf shoes in 1991. Not a good show, even though Matt Damon was flawless.


The Doors

You’re making a movie about one of the most legendary rock bands of all time. What could possibly go wrong? Ray-Bans, that’s what. The movie was set in the 1960s and they were released in the 1980s.



It seems that Russell Crowe is a walking blooper in this movie. The chariot, the name and then the lycra shorts. Obviously, bike shorts weren’t a thing in ancient Rome. A pity, Caesar would have loved them.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones fighting Nazis and kicking their asses. Honestly, what can be cooler than that? Correct historical data, that’s what. Many of the Nazis were wearing war medals in a movie set in 1938.


Pirates of the Caribbean

In the movie, the king was George I. Which means that it was set between 1714 and 1727. While looking at that piece of data, it’s illogical to see the Royal Navy wearing uniforms that existed only from 1947.


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Azeem hands Robin Hood a telescope to see his enemies. What’s the problem? Well, Azeem is helpful and all, but the telescope was only invented in the early 17th century.



Paris was cool and all with his umbrella, but hold on just a bit. Umbrellas were indeed an ancient Greek invention, but not until 800 years after the Trojan War. Achilles beat a time traveler? Whoa!


Raiders of the Lost Ark

Is this a hint at future things to come? In this movie, during a background shot, you can clearly see a guy wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Were the directors feeling too futuristic or was it all an accident?


Pirates of the Caribbean

Yes, it’s again. Take a look at the crew member in the background. Don’t doubt because we are sure there was no cowboy hat in the mid-1700’s! Maybe he was too excited to sail with the pirates.


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